From the year 2012 onwards the citizens of Tabqa were unable to live their culture due to the savage ISIS gangs. Kurdish, Christian and Ismaili citizens were expelled and religious places that were used by the different local ethnicities for worshipping were demolished.

With the liberation of Tabqa by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) on May 10, however, its inhabitants have finally gotten the chance to breathe in new air and are living once again their distinct culture for the first time in the past 6 years.

Based on this, the Democratic Arab Youth Movement organised an event in Arabic and Kurdish languages in Mehmudli village of Tabqa.

Dozens of locals from Tabqa and Mehmudli, members of the Tabqa Civilian Council and Tabqa Women’s Council, SDF fighters and notables of the region came together at the centre of the Democratic Arab Youth Movement in the village.

The centre was emblazoned with the flags of the Democratic Arab Youth Movement, Syrian Democratic Council (MSD), Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), Women’s Defense Units (YPJ) and Internal Security Forces. Pictures of Kurdish Peoples Leader Abdullah Öcalan and banners with the inscription ‘We started with the youth, and we will succeed with the youth’ were also hung up.

During the event old objects of utility that were very much in use by the society like coffee jugs, delo, utilities used to produce yoghurt, a musical instrument called Mihbaş, large copper spoons and old Arabic household tools were displayed.

The visitors, who were forcibly deprived of their own culture for years, were looking forward to the competition, which started with two horsemen presenting the skills of their Arab horses.

The moment the horses approached each other in warring attempt indicated their preparation for battle. One of the horsemen stated that the goal behind this contest was to revive the Arab culture, which has been dissolved to a great amount for years. The horseman also stressed that this exhibition was in fact a letter to Erdoğan and ISIS, to let them know that Kurds and Arabs are fighting hand in hand against terror and achieving huge victories together.

At the end of the contest both horsemen held high the banners of the SDF and the Democratic Arab Youth Movement while chanting slogans saluting the SDF.

The event continued with a minute of silence, followed by the recitation of poems about the resistance of the SDF and the struggle of Kurdish Peoples Leader Abdullah Öcalan by 12 Kurdish and Arab poets.

Some of the poems were presented to the sound of the rebec and Arabic vocals, others to the sound of the tambour and Kurdish vocals.

Following the presentation of poems, the attention was focused on the common struggle of the Kurds and Arabs against the ISIS gangs.

At the end the participants expressed their joy and all the poets raised pictures of Kurdish Peoples Leader Abdullah Öcalan while chanting the slogan: “With our soul and blood we are with you Öcalan”.

Before the end of the event Tabqa’s Civilian Council bestowed all poets and artistic groups that took part thank-offerings, afterwards the visitors joined the traditional Kurdish and Arab folk dances.

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