The Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) celebrates the sacred Çarşema Sor holiday for the Êzidî people.

The Çarşema Sor message signed by HDP Batman MP Ali Atalan is as follows:

“In the Êzidî faith, the first Wednesday following April 13 is the day God fermented the world, and thus life started. It is considered the beginning of the new year and is celebrated.

The Êzidî people call this holiday the Çarşema Sor, and the holiday has been protected and survived to this day despite all hardship and obstacles since the Êzidî faith emerged.

The Êzidî people, with their ancient and deep history in faith, have suffered discrimination and massacres in the past as well as the present day.

The Êzidî people are attempted to be torn away from their values they hold to death and their lands, thus eliminating their memory and their roots. This reality has reemerged with the genocide enacted by ISIS in Shengal on August 4, 2014. This massacre was not an isolated incident, was not the spontaneous occurrence by a gang organization, it was the result of a mental, cultural and fundamental animosity. This has been exposed and become clear once again with the inhuman attack against the Êzidîs in Afrin. It can be seen that there are still threats similar to the ISIS mindset against the Êzidî people governing, defending and organizing themselves in Shengal.

Becoming aware that Êzidîs are on the brink of extinction in the Middle East, and taking precautions to prevent such an occurrence, should be a common duty for both Êzidîs and all societies, even humanity in general. With this, we are calling on all peoples, all faiths and all organized progressive democratic forces to take action to protect the Êzidî faith and the Êzidî society, to support the struggle for freedom by them.

We wish the Çarşema Sor holiday, symbolizing new life, becomes a means for the whole of humanity for peace, freedom, justice and fraternity. We celebrate this historic and meaningful holiday for Êzidîs and all peoples who embrace it.”

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