One of the four grand prizes in the Burgas International Film Festival, the Audition award was given to the film Zer directed by Kazim Oz.

Zer had returned from the 16th Dhaka International Film Festival with the Best Film award in recent months. It was also screened in the World Cinema section of the GOA, the most important film festival in Asia.

The film tells the story of Jan, who sets out to discover the song his grandmother, who survived the Dersim Massacre of 1938, sang to him on her death bed. When Jan first hears the song Zer, he sets out to find it without knowing it would take him to a culture extraordinarily in tune with nature, a hidden history and a velvet love that could not be. His journey took him to Dersim, its impeccable nature and ancient culture, while also showing him how great massacres made people hold on to life.

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