As historic articles are damaged in Batman’s Hasankeyf district in favor of the Ilisu Dam, the 1.500-tonne Artuklu Bath has been moved to the Hasankeyf New Cultural Park Area. A SPMT with 256 wheels was used in the transportation of the historic hamam which was placed next to the Zeynelbey Tomb which had been transported last year.


The gendarmerie and the police blockaded the area where the ceremony was held. There were no participants other than workers and official protocol.

Minister for Agriculture and Forestry Bekir Pakdemirli said: “We moved the Zeynelbey Tomb before, and now we’re moving the Artuklu Bath. In July, we closed the first caps and started the water reservoir efforts on Mr. President’s orders. We will close the second caps when the moving efforts are done.”

Destruction in Hasankeyf enters new phase

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